Growing up, long before the days of Outlook calendars and iPhones, people had day planners. And it wasn't to be cute or crafty or have a convenient place to keep your vision board. Nope. It was for life. Real life. My dad had one such contraption. It was brown, had a zipper that went all [...]

Sitting Still in the Scary

Yesterday was a soul-nourishing kind of day.  There was nothing spectacular that occurred. But it was filled with people and conversations that were real and raw and straight from the heart. The kind of conversations that make you grateful for your humanity. Because when we all recognize our humanity, we can all be human together. [...]

Wisdom from the Ages…or 2009

Every once and awhile, Marcie from the past (aka old journal entries) likes to peak her head out and give me (Marcie of the present) some good pieces of advice. This time, it was Marcie, cirque 2009. And as real added treat, it's something wayyyyy better than a journal entry! "Whatever could that be?!" You [...]

Just Write.

Oh friends, how I've missed this space! Writing feels a lot like breathing for me. It's been about four years since I took a step away from blogging. Taking a step back was good for a season, but seasons change and I'm glad to be back home with my words. I can't wait to share [...]