Hi friend!

I’m Marcie. The mountain loving girl behind Punkyshine! Me, my husband (Matt) and our two pups (Lola & Piper) live in Utah where the mountains are big and the coffee is strong!

Punkyshine is a nickname my dad gave me when I was younger. To me, that nickname represents the creative, free-spirited girl who loves all things art and wants to adopt any and all creatures within a 100 mile radius. You can read more about her here.

This blog became a way for me to reconnect with the thing that got lost after years of pursuing perfectionism – my love of writing. It embodies hopes, dreams and has been a big part of my journey of seeking to “be still”.

On your visit here, I hope you find some room to breathe and maybe, just maybe, get the courage to dream again.

So pull up a chair. Soon enough, we’ll know each other so well that we can send bouquets of newly sharpened pencils. Now, isn’t that nice?