Butterflies and Rainbows

I believe God whispers his love to us through nature. For me, it usually shows up in rainbows. We had a rainbow outside our living room window the first night we moved in to our current home. He sent a rainbow to my dreams the night after my grandmother passed away and again the next day across the city sky. He even sent me a rainbow during a cloudless afternoon on a day where I was feeling particularly insecure and vulnerable. All of them, a reassurance of his love and knowledge that I was on the right track.

But lately, it’s been butterflies. Whether it’s afternoon walks at work, walking my dogs outside or cleaning out our yard, butterflies have been unusually present on my path. The butterfly mania became extremely clear during our trip to Colorado this last weekend. My husband and I went on a hike that was filled with, you guessed it, butterflies. Fields and fields of wildflowers and butterflies.  A flood of color for the universe. My heart was about to burst! It was after this that I really started thinking there could be something more to this thing. I’ve learned to pay attention when things keep being brought to the forefront of my attention. Recurring signs are usually trying to tell us something. But I didn’t really understand the meaning until I grabbed my journal to start documenting the encounters. God speaks to everyone differently, but for me, it usually happens while I’m writing. It’s the weirdest thing because I’ll start writing, but sometimes I know that what is coming out on paper is not coming from me. A sort of holy moment. Here’s what that quiet whisper was speaking to me:

Before a butterfly becomes what it is, they first have to transform. The past couple years have felt like a dark place for you. Feeling like you were wrapped up in a tangle of your own mess. It felt like you would suffocate from all of the intense pressure and loneliness – like life was being squeezed right out of you. But my dear, that mess was not a mess, but a cocoon. A season meant to transform you into something new! Something you were always meant to be. Yes, you had to fight and work your way through it, but look what I’m making you into! Something to bring color and beauty to the world. Something that is free to fly! It’s time to leave the lonely and dark place and emerge. It’s time to fly and share the freedom you’ve been given! It’s time to drink the nectar.”Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:18-19

Oh man. When God speaks, it’s time to listen up.

I believe this transformation is true not just for me, but for several of you who may be reading this. Many of you may be crawling through life, gnawing on branches and hoping you don’t get stepped on, praying there is something more. For you lovelies, I tell you there is hope and there is something more. But it’s going to take some work. And a lot of time that works leads you into a dark and lonely place. Transformation doesn’t come easy, but if you’re willing to go there, God is faithful to meet you in that place.

For you beauties that have entered the cocoon (or feel like you’re stuck in that dark and lonely place), I know it feels unending and final, but I’m telling you it’s not. I’m telling you to fight. To keep doing the hard work. To confront the scary things. No one else can do the work except you. It’s your cocoon and transformation is tough. But it’s worth it. So worth it!

And for the emerging butterfly, when you hear the whisper and can feel the cocoon season coming to an end, that also takes bravery. To emerge to the world a new creature than who you used to be. Many may not recognize you and many may not appreciate the transformation. But my dear, you were never meant to crawl. You were meant to fly! You were never meant to eat the branches, you were made to drink the nectar! You were made for freedom and bringing beauty and joy through your unique gift. You were created to evolve into something that lives among the wildflowers, not crawls among the weeds. Share your story. Explore new heights. Let Jesus be the wind beneath your wings. (No apologies. I had to reference that song at least once). Take claim to your new freedom and do not let others drag you down!

Forged in darkness,
Raised in beauty,
You were made to fly!

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