Details Matter

My husband and I are in the middle of a renovation/redecorating project on our main floor. With that, comes a whole lot of decisions to make when it comes to details. You see, I have this vision of what I want this space to look like and because of that, I know when something isn’t going to fit. Luckily, husband is letting me take the vision reigns and he gets to be the implementation horse. A real Jo and Chip situation (or so we tell ourselves). It’s been fun to watch everything come together, little by little!

Lent season is also upon us and I’ve been doing the SheReadsTruth study on the book of Exodus. Exodus is probably one of my favorite books of the Bible in terms of the stories that it holds – leading slaves out of Egypt, miraculous signs and wonders, food falling from the sky, making a cow and then worshipping it- human nature is fascinating to me! But there’s also quite a bit of monotony as you read the latter part of the book. God has given the Israelites detailed instructions on the building of the tabernacle (the place where His presence would reside and the people of Israel would come and offer sacrifices to atone for their sin). And when I say detailed, I mean He goes as far as to tell them the exact measurements, materials, thread count, design, texture – the guy doesn’t miss a thing! Now, normally, my eyes just skim over these parts because, how boring! But, in my current redesign mode, I’m completely intrigued and can appreciate the reason for the detailed descriptions. This would be, after all, the impression that God was giving his people about what his presence looked and felt like. (It also makes me feel less bad about standing my ground in the middle of Home Depot and insisting the size of the trim that I was trying to be sold on just wasn’t right. Details, people.)
You see, if you’ve ever worked on a project in your own home, you know that that details, do in fact, matter. The number of inches matter. Color matters. Texture matters. It all matters. Because these small, seemingly minute details are what create atmosphere. And atmosphere creates feelings and feelings can make a person feel either welcome or unwelcome. You catch my drift?

Details are the things that make up our lives. And if we have any type of belief that our lives matter to God, then of course, that means the details of our lives matter to Him, as well.  Details are the small little moments that make up the minutes and hours and days of our lives. So if we believe there is significance to each day or week or month or year, then we must also believe that there is significance in each of those moments that are held in the day. We can’t take the big picture and disregard the small details. They’re a package deal.

I used to get annoyed with people who over-spiritualized everything. The type of people who would wake up in the morning and ask God what they should wear that day. Puh-lease! (Honey, if God gave you a brain and enough money to have clothing choices, then he probably trusts that you’ll make a right decision!) But then, we had to find dining chairs. And after the first dining chairs that I ordered turned out to be a disaster, my confidence was a little shaken. I felt like a had looked at every style of dining chair that have ever been created and none of them would work. Then I remembered reading about God’s decor choices in Exodus. So, I did something that would usually annoy me, and I asked God to help me find the perfect chair. And after a full Saturday spent furniture shopping, we walked into the last store of the day, hangry and in need of caffeine, and lo and behold, there was the perfect chair! I knew it. Husband knew it. Our wallet knew it. Even the chair knew it. We had found the missing detail. And I said a silent little prayer and thanked God for caring about details.

Now, am I saying that I wouldn’t have found that chair had I not said that silent prayer? No. There’s a chance we could have found it without that prayer. But that prayer was a way of making me more aware of how much God cares about the details of our lives. And I still hold firm that God doesn’t expect us to consult him before making a decision about food or clothing or decor choices. Nope. He gave us brains for a reason and his grace is big enough to hold us, no matter what decision we make. If our heart’s desire is to love God and be in his will, no circumstance or decision we make can take us outside of that.  However, the Bible is also clear that he’s there for us when we’re having difficulty making choices and is more than willing to help. I believe he loves showing off to us in the small details and uses them as a reminder that He sees and meets with us in every season. He cares about the details and moments of our lives. He cares because he has woven all of those details and moments together to make something beautiful. You.

So next time you’re skimming over the seemingly insignificant details of the Bible or having a hard time making an insignificant choice in your day, ask God to show you how they are, in fact, significant and worthwhile. Give Him a chance to show off. I promise, He never disappoints!

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