Wisdom from the Ages…or 2009

Every once and awhile, Marcie from the past (aka old journal entries) likes to peak her head out and give me (Marcie of the present) some good pieces of advice. This time, it was Marcie, cirque 2009. And as real added treat, it’s something wayyyyy better than a journal entry!

“Whatever could that be?!” You ask.

Old Facebook conversations between her and a cute boy from Oklahoma (whom she later captured, then married and had two adorable dog babies with).

Let’s set the scene: Marcie had just started Facebook conversations with a youth pastor in Oklahoma. They were both young, single and ready to mingle. After being introduced over Facebook, their conversations began. Matt has just told Marcie that he drove all the way from his niece’s birthday party in Dallas back to Lawton in complete silence. (Gasp)

And queue, the novel:

“That’s so crazy you say that about the silence thing because that’s totally what God has been teaching me these past few months. He’s not only teaching me that my opinion doesn’t always need to be heard, but also that I learn so much more by listening than I do by speaking. Putting the Holy Spirit’s ears on and truly listening to someone shows you what the person is battling, how to pray for that person, and it also allows you to fall in love with that person in the same way Jesus does. It’s so amazing!
But it’s totally like you said, we always have all this noise going around us….even if it’s just worship music…it’s almost like people are afraid of silence, afraid of stopping everything and just being still. God speaks to us in a still, small voice, but if His voice is constantly being drown out by everything around us, how do we expect to ever know Him intimately? I’ve been doing this thing lately where I’ll just get away from everyone and everything and just sit, doing nothing, no worship, no talking, no praying, just complete silence for like an hour. The first time I did it, I was so fidgety and had the hardest time turning off my mind and just enjoying that moment. Finally I was able to calm down and just sit and stop worrying about if I heard God’s voice or not. But this is another thing about silence…silence is intimacy. Even if God doesn’t speak in those moments of silence, it speaks volumes that we can just sit together, enjoying just being with each other without words having to be exchanged. Those moments only happen to two people who know each other and are completely comfortable together.”

Twenty-one year old Marcie had lots to say. Clearly. But, I love looking back on these parts of my life and realizing that sometimes repetition is the best form of learning. Nine years ago, Jesus was speaking something so similar to my heart: Embrace the silence and be still. Be intimate. Nothing is expected of you in this space other than just being.

I just love that about him.

Other things that this blast from the past proves:

  1. Matt is a special man to have received this message and still chosen to proceed with communication. (He had no idea.)
  2. I’ve always had a yoga loving heart. Sitting in complete silence for an hour? Yassss, queen! A yogi’s dream.
  3. I was and probably always will be, long-winded. No shortcuts here, yo! We’re taking the scenic route!

Also, for your viewing pleasure, the featured image on this post is non-other than the 2009 Matt & Marcie on their first date! I’m telling ya, there was magic in those Facebook words.

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