Just Write.

Oh friends, how I’ve missed this space! Writing feels a lot like breathing for me. It’s been about four years since I took a step away from blogging. Taking a step back was good for a season, but seasons change and I’m glad to be back home with my words. I can’t wait to share a little more of how this space came about.

If I’m being honest, I started this space in the summer and have held off writing anything because my perfectionist side had this vision of what I wanted this space to look and feel like. Before I knew it, instead of being a place to share my heart and connect, it became this series of “I’ll do it whens”. Yet another prison of perfectionism. Combine that with a season of uncertainty and I’ve been in what you might call, “a funk”. Then last week,  I had this moment of clarity. One of those moments where it felt like you were talking to a best friend, wondering what you should do with your life, and that best friend sits down next to you and speaks the most real and raw truth into your life. “Do what you know.”
That message may seem cryptic, but I knew exactly what it meant. What I know is writing. I needed to just start writing. Forget about perfect circumstances, forget about the perfect look and feel, forget about my need to know the outcome forget it all and just dive in!

Why do I tell you this story? Because if you’re reading this, I bet you have dreams buried deep inside you that have been waiting for perfect circumstances to pursue. Let this be your wake up call to stop waiting for perfect and just go for it! Go do what you know! Throw off the chains of perfectionism and take a leap of faith! Who knows what opportunities will find you because of it?!

Wowza. Got a little worked up there! But now that that’s out of our system…we now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

The story of this blog.
So question number one that you’re probably asking, “Why Punkyshine?!” Ahh…I’m so glad you asked! Like all good blog names, there has to be some background story. Mine is two-fold. Punkyshine was a nickname my dad had for me growing up. It’s one of those nicknames that just came about, no real meaning, but it just kind of stuck. The next part of the story requires some word breakdown. Let me give it to you straight:

punk (noun): 1. any prepared substance that will smolder and can be used to light fireworks, fuses, etc.

shine (verb): 2. to be bright with reflected light; glisten; sparkle

Still not getting it? Here’s more of the story. I have a habit of naming every inanimate object in my life. Every.Single.One. So naturally, it seemed to make sense to start naming my years. Every January 1, I give the upcoming year a name and work toward incorporating that name into all the choices I make that year. Now, we’re obviously not talking about human names. Because really, who needs a year named Henry? I’m talking about  names like Brave and Courage. This year, my word was Known.  I’ll expand on this a little more later, but so far, it’s involved God showing me little pieces of himself that he dropped inside my heart. One of those things is encouraging others. YOU GUYS!! This brings life to my soul. I love speaking life into people (especially my fellow ladies) and encouraging them to follow their dreams. Punkyshine is a place that I hope will be a reflection of light into your life. My prayer for this space is that sleeping dreams awaken and breathe life into the wildfire that’s been smoldering deep inside your soul!

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