An Ode to Winter

Rachelle and I used to work together about 12 years ago at Buckle. Those were the days! Denim aside, we survived on caffeine and Mrs. Fields cookies (they were directly across from our store and every time their cookies came out of the oven, oi, we had no self-control!). To this day, I still remember [...]

The Escape Artist

It was an early spring morning. The ground was still sprinkled with patches of snow. Birds chirping, sun shining. Neighbors out on the porch enjoying their coffee. I was enjoying my shower and on part two of the lather-rinse-repeat cycle when a loud banging on the door interrupted the peace. "She got out! She got [...]

So this is 30….

Thirty years. That's how long I've been alive. Well, actually if we're being honest, it will be thirty-one years in a few days. Oh, how I love birthdays! I treat my birthday as my own mini New Year. Time to reflect and be grateful for everything the year has gifted me with. This year - [...]

Butterflies and Rainbows

I believe God whispers his love to us through nature. For me, it usually shows up in rainbows. We had a rainbow outside our living room window the first night we moved in to our current home. He sent a rainbow to my dreams the night after my grandmother passed away and again the next [...]

The Sacred Space

Life is a funny thing. One minute, you're going one hundred miles an hour, trying to prepare for a Monday morning presentation and the next you're receiving a phone call that brings everything to a screeching halt. One minute you're trying to decide what rug would look best under your dining room table and the [...]

On this Father’s Day

My grandma - Grams - was a lion in the faith. She grew up during the depression with an alcoholic father and no money. Having an alcoholic father brought more shame upon the family than any other circumstance in her life. She also grew up in a religious atmosphere where salvation was earned by good [...]


Let it simmer Let it whine Let it bubble up, deep inside Let it coddle Let it coo Until it's bursting out of you Keep it tender Hold it close Til you feel it in your toes Because, soon, it will be ready And darling, my darling, You will shine

Details Matter

My husband and I are in the middle of a renovation/redecorating project on our main floor. With that, comes a whole lot of decisions to make when it comes to details. You see, I have this vision of what I want this space to look like and because of that, I know when something isn't [...]